The Director of the Bariatric Center of Excellence, Dr. Amir Mehran, has written several articles and has been featured in different publications nationally on bariatric surgery, lap bad, and related surgeries. Dr. Mehran is a well respected leader in bariatric surgery and looked to by other surgeons for his leading opinions. As part of his belief that knowledge saves live in the medical world, he contributes regularly to a variety of publications.

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As you can see from the publications below, our surgeons are authoritative and well regarded in the medical world. Surgeons from all over the world look to our surgical experts for their leading opinions on all aspects of bariatric surgery. Our bariatric surgery testimonials will show dozens of patients who have had their lives changed by our doctors.

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Dr. Samuel Kashani is interviewed on American Health Journal.

Dr. Mehran is featured on a German TV show about bariatric surgery.

Dr. Mehran is interviewed on CBS’s segment about sleeve gastrectomy.

Bariatric Surgery Articles and Publications

Listed below are articles written and contributed to by Dr. Mehran, which he encourages fellow surgeons and patients to read.

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