Post bariatric surgery follow-up is vital after any weight loss surgery.Post Bariatric Surgery Aftercare and Follow-Up in Los Angeles

For bariatric surgery and weight loss efforts to be successful long-term, our doctors in the Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence encourage each patient to regularly schedule follow-up visits. Patients who keep these appointments almost always lose more weight than those who skip them.

Why Is Post Bariatric Surgery Care Vital?

Your regularly scheduled postoperative bariatric surgery follow-up visits are important for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

1. The success of a bariatric operation is not known immediately following your discharge from the hospital. Weight loss after bariatric surgery generally occurs over a 12-24 month period depending upon the type of weight loss surgery performed. Follow-up care and guidance will help maximize your success and maintain the best results.

2. Counseling by your doctor, who’s experienced in treating patients after bariatric operations, is important in making the transition from liquids to solid foods. Additionally, our weight loss surgeons at La Peer Health Systems will emphasize the importance of making appropriate food choices in order to maintain a balanced diet and avoid the high fat and high sugar liquids and soft foods which can undermine your surgery. Remember, any bariatric procedure success is limited if you consume too many calories. Your follow-up care with your doctor will help you sustain your weight loss efforts long-term.

3. Your follow-up visits are necessary to help your doctor recognize any vitamin, mineral or other deficiencies early so that appropriate treatment can be accessed. If you miss your regularly scheduled follow-up visits and tests, you run the risk of nutritional deficiency consequences and catching it in the early stages.

Other Specialists for Your Post Bariatric Surgery Care

Most view bariatric surgery as merely a weight loss procedure, but there are various pieces that play a role in the overall success of this type of surgery.  Some important components include a:


A nutritionist completes a thorough assessment of your eating habits prior to surgery and after surgery a nutritionist guides you through the necessary lifestyle and eating habit changes. If at any time a patient seems to not understand the lifestyle changes necessary to be successful, then the doctor can refer the patient back to a nutritionist for further assistance.

Primary Doctor

Keeping open lines with your primary or referring doctor are very important during the weight loss process. Your Beverly Hills bariatric surgeons will keep your primary doctor updated with the latest information pre-operation and post-operation.


In most cases, it is required that a patient see a psychiatrist prior to undergoing bariatric surgery. There are several reasons for this including: ruling out an eating disorder, identifying a psychiatric issue that could impact surgery results, treating depression prior to surgery and screening for drug and alcohol abuse. Bariatric surgery is a major procedure and some patients suffer from depression post-surgery. By seeing a psychiatrist after the procedure as well, a patient can be treated and also find ways to handle the stress of a new body and new lifestyle. It is important for your doctor to understand your motivation for having the surgery as well as your motivation to maintain a lifestyle necessary to sustain the results.


Due to the severe obesity that most patients suffer, many also carry a diagnosis of diabetes or other metabolic conditions. Bariatric surgery not only impacts hormone levels but also triggers potential nutrient deficiencies. Nutrition management, metabolic support and nutrient deficiency monitoring are all important duties an endocrinologist can assist with when undergoing a bariatric procedure.

Body Contouring

After the procedure is over and the weight is gone, you may find yourself with a new problem of excessive skin. Body contouring helps to reshape the skin after the elasticity of the skin is lost after a gastric bypass. It can include anything from a tummy tuck, breast lift, arm/thigh lift, facelift and more.  At La Peer Health Systems we have an expert team of plastic surgeons to help guide you through this process.

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At La Peer Health Systems, you will find expert physicians, first-class nurses and support staff who all have the common mission of providing superior patient care. Talk to your doctor about how many follow-up visits are necessary. Your doctor will help you schedule and plan your follow-up care.

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